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What You May NOT Post

There is no ‘Code of Niceness.’ Facilitators/Moderators are not your Mommies or Daddies. Don’t dish it out unless you can take it, don’t expect others to solve your disagreements, and remember: This may not be High School, but it is also not a democracy. The following is definitely not encouraged:

Hatespeech. You figure it out. If it serves no other purpose than to incite, demean, or diminish any other Member(s), then it really serves no purpose at all. You will usually be warned or asked to explain your reason for conducting yourself that way, if you have one. If you have some compulsion to continue behaving in a fashion that otherwise appears beyond your control, you should settle your issues elsewhere.

Slander or Libel. You are solely responsible for the content and veracity of your posts, profiles, and uploads. Please refer to the varied Amendments of the US Constitution that govern free speech and freedoms of the Press. Basically, if you can’t back it up, or don’t have a good reason for saying it, then don’t post it. “Truth to the best of your knowledge” is gossip, and “ignorance does not provide exemption.” We like rumor and innuendo as much as anybody, but don’t invent crap for the sake of attention.

Plagiarism, Intellectual Property Theft. We’re not going to Google or Yahoo your posts. We’re not going to check if you used a collegiate level of internal citation. If another Member (or Guest) reports that you have stolen his/her words or work, we will be happy to assist them. If you copy from other sources without proper crediting, Wildlife Gardeners maintains no liability and may even assist a petitioner or complainant in redress. Seriously, folks, if you can’t think of something original, or give props where they’re due, reconsider using the Internet.

Child Pornography. NO, NO, NO, and NO. In case that wasn’t clear, NO! YOU ABSOLUTELY MAY NOT POST/UPLOAD/ATTACH ANY PERSONS APPEARING TO (1) be under the age of 18 who is not yourself and suitably dressed [when in doubt, it will be removed]; (2) be engaged in a non-consensual act; or (3) condone, participate, or encourage sexual acts with non-human creatures/objects. While context is important, and intent is debatable, our decisions are final.

Copyright Infringement. Since certain portions of our site permit the uploading of images from your computer, it is the expectation of Wildlife Gardeners Staff that said depictions are (1) you; (2) licensed to you; (3) owned exclusively by you; or (4) otherwise defensible as “public domain.” Reproducing or uploading unlicensed images cannot be monitored 100%, but their compliance with any applicable Federal regulations (such as Title 18, §2257) is expected. Images are subject to inspection and removal at our discretion.

Any entity making claim to specific images should contact Wildlife Gardeners, ask nicely, and the images will be withdrawn as soon as possible pursuant to a chat with our lawyers. If an image is of you and you did NOT license or otherwise allow its use to anyone else, said image will be deleted immediately.

On the matter of any disagreement actively lasting longer than a day or so; we recommend that you say what you feel you need to say, get it over with, or get over it, period. In dragged out and/or public altercations, both parties will be considered liable regardless of who the majority of Wildlife Gardeners constituents feel to be “right.” Private, interpersonal differences of opinion are not the Site's responsibility to resolve, but Wildlife Gardeners Staff will step in where it is administratively decided that our business is imperiled by such activity.

Privacy and Security

Though we at Wildlife Gardeners hope and encourage our guests and members to socialize and hopefully to develop lasting and meaningful affiliations; Wildlife Gardeners expects those in committed relationships to honor each other's privacy and the sanctity of our Community when deciding to post about personal affairs.

Because we do not wish to compromise the integrity of your relationships, or to complicate other peoples' ability to socialize freely with either party, we ask that you use caution and consideration when discussing another Member of Wildlife Gardeners... just as we would if you were not related, partnered, married, or parent to this individual.

Domestic disputes, of any kind, are not Wildlife Gardeners’ responsibility to arbitrate nor are we an appropriate location for mediation or counseling between members. If you have reached a difficult situation in your relationship(s), then we will understand if you need some time away from the board to manage and heal your concerns. We look forward to seeing both of you again.

Please note that declarations of intent to harm yourself or others will ALL be taken seriously. We do not dispense professional psychiatric help nor can we anticipate and interpret offline crises. The Owners and Operators of this site, and its Host, cannot be held liable for personal choices and actions. If our Staff deems direct intervention necessary, then local law enforcement will be contacted to prevent the following:

• Suicide, suicidal intent (as differentiated from discussion, within context, or ideation)
• Child exploitation, abuse, or image misappropriation
• Grievous self-harm or the planned harm of another living being
• Felonious behavior, assault, stalking, other acts of gross criminality (in context, as merely "wishing So-and-So dead" is insufficient)
• Intention of property damage, vandalism, or terrorism
• Sexual harassment of another WG member, its Staff, or Affiliates.

Suicide threats are all serious. Whether they occur late at night, on weekends, or around holidays, depression is no joke. Though we could psychobabble people for days, there's no point in it. Whether a legitimate plea for help, or lowly cry for attention; the response will be consistent.

Asking for attention in this manner is reprehensible, but announcing your impending demise on a forum is, at best, a major downer for everyone else. It has many other repercussions; the least of which being confusion, anger, and possibly hysteria. None of this is "good for the board”. However, calling a person's local law enforcement is not a business decision. If you were serious, we've just saved your life; if you weren't, then you'll be shown that your actions have consequences.

Your presence in our Community is a privilege enjoyed by all. In the event that your personal situation may cause you to require additional advice and management--such as cannot and should not be undertaken by our regular Members and Guests--we invite you to share your concerns with someone you trust and who can be more immediately available for your needs.

Privacy. Wildlife Gardeners does not share its member data with any third parties, ever. Operational statistics, minus the corresponding individual activity, may be utilized for future marketing affiliations, but there is presently no program or service in place that would warrant this exchange. E-mails and personal information will never be deliberately exposed to secondary entities, sold, or shared. However, Wildlife Gardeners cannot control the nature of search engines and their ability to cache public information indefinitely. Any region of the board available to non-members can be seen and stored in this manner. Please use reasonable and responsible judgment with any and all details you choose to include in your posts, profiles, blogs, diaries, journals, or galleries.

Blog, Journal, and Diary Content. You are solely responsible for the content and veracity of your weblog, its links, and its images. Wildlife Gardeners’ Staff will not police blogs, journals, or diary entries for inappropriate or offensive materials. Though the expectation of originality is implied by blog creation and maintenance, Wildlife Gardeners will accept excerpted entries from a larger resource, if this resource is wholly owned and operated by you, or with the expressed, written consent of its owner. Furthermore, blogs are permitted to be “critical” of Wildlife Gardeners, but not of its Affiliates, Sponsors, Members or Staff where consent is neither implied nor given. Similarly, because it has become standard professional practice among many private corporations to scan the Internet for mentions of it name, trademarks, or proprietary information—and because some companies will utilize search engine results in screening their employees and candidates—it is recommended that you exercise caution and restraint when including material that could jeopardize your personal and/or professional relationships.

Gallery/Album Content. All images, reproductions, and inclusions to your galleries/albums are presumed to be original, owned wholly by you, and representative of your skills and talents. Please do not use Wildlife Gardeners’ Gallery to host pornography, governmentally classified information, or materials otherwise liable under State or Federal laws. Such content includes, but is not limited to, (1) images of yourself in a state of undress not defensible as artistic; (2) scans of documents not otherwise available in the public domain; (3) depictions of gratuitous violence or violent intent upon any living being, also not defensible as art; and (4) any and all visual works not licensed to you for electronic display.

A Few Reminders

Beyond posting, registration, and membership; your continued company carries certain common sense restrictions. For some final idea of what violations of these expectations may be, see below, “Who Might Leave.” Wildlife Gardeners is not your personal pulpit. There is no popularity system for reputation or how much anyone likes or dislikes you. You will be given unprecedented latitude to behave as you see fit. There must, however, be at least a few examples of poor behavior that will be actively discouraged.

Typical Stuff

Postwhoring, spamming, flooding, and/or repeated harassment of an individual Member or defined Member Group. If you have to ask what any of this is, then you’re probably already booted. Ditto on hacking, kiddie scripts, or similar exploits of this Board’s software or its Host. That’s just way uncool. If you have to be a turd, at least have a reason for it (and try to find a better place to assert yourself).

Usual Stuff

All posts, images, media, and other content contributed to this Site become the property of the site for the purposes of information and education. Reasonable requests to remove content contributed to the forum will be honored. We’re not unreasonable yet we don’t want threads to look Swiss cheesy should a member leave. When you provide content to Wildlife Gardeners, you have granted us unrestricted use of the material. Although you retain copyright of all published material; we reserve the right to modify, reproduce, and redistribute materials posted to our service.

This service is provided “as available” and “as is” without warranties of any kind. Wildlife Gardeners is not responsible for alteration, loss, or deletion of data due to system outages, file corruption, accidental deletion, or any other reasons. You must monitor and back up your own data. Use the content and services at Wildlife Gardeners at your own risk.

Unusual Stuff

If you must attack something (due to bad hair day, crappy job, or just being a run-of-the-mill miscreant) please try to focus on attacking IDEAS not your fellow forum MEMBERS. This specifically includes underhanded, passive-aggressive jabs at people, even if you aren’t entirely aware you’re doing it. We’re not giving you free therapy but you will be shown how your perception of events isn’t all that matters. It’s your choice whether you respect the information, if it comes to that.

Ultimately, Wildlife Gardeners will not be party to random cruelty and abuse among its Membership or Staff. While a Member can really be as much of a jerk as s/he likes, it is only to the point where it appears that the Member has nothing else to offer than this attitude. Treat each other with respect, and even if everyone isn't always happy, you'll still be able to talk to each other in the morning.

The Wildlife Gardeners Staff will… in the interest of garnering future Members and keeping the ones we presently have… scrutinize intentionally chaotic or mean-spirited elements. Note, we did not say “automatically eliminate.” This is not license to be a jerk, only to have some reason for it that you’re capable of stating, when asked. And if you’re an unpleasant and tiresome person 24/7, you might want to think about why you want to interact with others anyway. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all members.

Who Might Leave

If you want a special title, you'll be given one: Banned. We can knock people off for a few hours, a day, a week, or forever. IPs are logged, so we’re not screwing around. However, this is an annoying, god-like capability that we’re not eager to employ. We want you to be here, if you've chosen us.

You might not be happy here. Our boards are focused. Not being immediately or well liked by others should be no bar to participation in the Wildlife Gardeners Community but we expect you to be able to work things out with us. Do not attack this Community; stalk, harass, or depredate its Members; nor otherwise interfere with the operation of this Board. Such behaviors are prosecutable in most jurisdictions. Just don't do that.

We reserve the right to amend these Guidelines. A reasonable grace period should be provided, in that circumstance, if any drastic changes occur, for which Members might need to adjust. Just don’t be a deliberate and purposeless jerk for more than a day or two, and you’ll be fine.

Who Will Stay

Those who are sincerely interested in North American flora and fauna and/or sustainable practices, productive discourse, stimulating conversation, and the sharing of resources. Passion and curiosity make the world go round. We welcome yours.

Thank you for actually reading all of this.

The Wildlife Gardeners Team
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