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Question Another password? vBulletin Message ...

When I click to open some threads, I get a "vBulletin message" that says, "Your administrator has required a password to access this forum. Please enter this password now."

I've tried my usual password, but it doesn't work. I've tried logging off, then back on, but I still can't get into those threads. I've tried shutting my computer down, then back up. Still can't get in. It mentions that I need cookies. I have cookies enabled.

Is there another password I need to set somewhere?

One that this is currently happening on is the Author's Forum "Anyone want to tackle ..."

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The Authors forum is currently the only forum we have that is password protected. It's for members who are working on articles for our new Feature Articles Forum. They're trying to keep what they're working on a secret until we're able to get that area of the site up and running. We do intend to offer a subscribers forum in the future that will be password protected.

We have a professional editor who works with WG writers to tidy up our articles. Editing suggestions are offered and the writer determines whether they're appropriate or not.

If curiosity is eating away at anyone who wants to know about the thread Leslie mentioned, "Anyone want to tackle ...", that was a request to Master Gardeners. Here is the content of the request, "Anyone want to approach their Master Gardener group to attempt to create something comparable for WG? We would be happy to sign off on hours toward community service if someone were to create the native plant counterpart to this for WG youth."

Thanks for mentioning the Authors Forum Leslie. This is a good opportunity to ask if anyone is interested in contributing an article to our future Feature Articles Forum.

Is there a subject consistent with our Mission Statement out there anyone would feel comfortable writing about that they believe would be not only educational but of interest to fellow forum members? You don't need a PhD to write an article and in fact we have one member who worked very hard to earn a GED later in life. This member has written an article we believe will be informative as well as popular amongst our membership.

Contact me privately if anyone has any interest in writing an article for Wildlife Gardeners and we can discuss topics available or members may suggest one of their own.
Welcome to Wildlife Gardeners! Please join us today to participate in the discussions.
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message, password, vbulletin

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