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Originally Posted by KC Clark View Post
I'd ask her to give examples of forums she likes so I'd have something to compare with and/or shoot for. If Facebook groups is her first choice, she is not going to appreciate us even with an update to a phone friendly format.

EDIT: After I posted, I was looking at other posts and an old WG friend's name popped up. Looked at her profile and it has been just under a year since she has been here. Searched for her in a Facebook group I avoid and she has current posts there. I know she prefers this place but the action is happening at Facebook so that is where she is apparently spending her time. Point being that changing the format would just be a start. Next step would to be drive traffic here because the majority of people want to post in busy places. I don't think it would be worth changing the format if you are not going to actively recruit new members.
Good point.

She just kept saying that the site was outdated.

I don't know her...just saw her on Pennsylvania Native Plant Society page on Facebook. I periodically post links to WG--she joined, then shared her perspective on the site.

I agree that if she wants Facebook, this won't be her thing.
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