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Default Report-A-Post


How to report a post.

People often mention that the reason they join Wildlife Gardeners is for the outstanding collection of information and the chance to interact with like-minded people, but they stay because of the genuine respect with which they are treated. It makes Wildlife Gardeners unique, and it works because we know we can rely on each other to maintain our friendly and courteous environment. Once in awhile, however, things come up, and now there is a way to quietly let the site administrators know.

In the lower left corner of every post is an icon that looks like this:
When you believe that a post is outside the bounds of what is acceptable here at Wildlife Gardeners, clicking on this icon will forward the post to an administratorís attention. There is a note field for any comments that you wish to make. The administrator will determine what steps should be taken.

What sorts of things are outside the bounds of our main forums? Spam certainly, although the most common has been self-promotion of a business or blog. Occasionally members have posted something over-zealously, raising a topic that is not appropriate for Wildlife Gardeners. We have a saying around here that we aren't into advocating the likes of chemicals, Kudzu, or feral/free-roaming cats. We are about wildlife gardening. Sometimes gentle reminders go a long way to keep threads consistent with our Mission Statement although we will take a more aggressive approach, when warranted, to nip a chaotic or mean spirited element in the bud.

Please use this reporting function responsibly. Do not use it for things that can be resolved with respectful discussion. When we all look out for Wildlife Gardeners, we all benefit.
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