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Default Who are

Who are Facilitators, Mentors, and Administrators?

Facilitators will oversee specific forums and subforums. They’ll be able to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other actions. As we grow, more helpful and knowledgeable members who contribute regularly will be identified and invited to become a facilitator.

Mentors will oversee specific areas of the forum. They will have all of the abilities of Facilitators plus more. Facilitators will be identified and invited to become Mentors based on any time and talent they may be in a position to share as well as their interactions with other members and facilitators.

Administrators are the people who have overall control of everything that happens at the site. They oversee how the forums are styled, what forums and subforums to create and how to organize them and who to appoint as Facilitators and Mentors.

Please know that Facilitators and Mentors will all be contributing their time. We have no ability to pay ourselves for our time let alone their time as is routine and customary at some sites. Together we are going to try to make this community work but we're going to make mistakes. Please do not judge us by the mistakes we will make but by how we try to correct them. Correcting our mistakes may not always be possible. Decisions of Facilitators and Mentors need to be considered final. Remember, we're "pinchables". Just like everyone else; we make inappropriate decisions, have bad hair days, like to get silly and slap happy, enjoy friendly discussions and healthy debates, and are fanatics about the environment. While we have some guidelines to follow (ie: advertising, inflammatory, etc.) each one of us will have our own style. Please respect us.
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