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Doesn't hurt to yank a few invasives yourself. I did just that yesterday. Went out to eat and noticed the purple loosestrife blooming in the parking lot. I yanked and dropped them right where they once stood. They were young enough, not setting seeds yet. A guy saw me do it and did a slow drive by...Wonder what he thought about me doing something like that? He didn't go on to approach me but had he....I would have spoke out against the beauties.
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I pull things that will come up easily, but these larger plants need a better plan or I might make it worse. Disturbing the soil in the woods creates an area where aggressive plants can grow. A lot of times this will be even more invasive species.

I have cleared wisteria out of the trees to give them a chance, but the coverage of wisteria is intense. The recent snow/ice storm on Halloween caused a lot of branches to break so these understory plants are taking off. Too bad they are all invasives.

The city is going through economic trouble and have abandoned the park for the most part. Might create a plan to encourage invasive species cleanup in the parks after I get my business setup. A lot of kids are out for summer, are quite bored, and might like being in the woods all day.
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