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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
biig> did you ever start using that bokashi set up I made for you with the spigot?
Yes, and no. I'm using it as a worm bin.
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Hi soundsgood,
Thank you for the warm welcome, I appreciate it.
Who says that life is boring, when there's all this stuff to learn & do!!!

Hi Equilibrium,
I assure you that my answer isn't being snarky or smarty: I cooked the rice because that directions from Bryan McGrath says to do it. I had run across another set of instructions that said to use uncooked rice, but he also left it 6 months in the soil before digging it up. Do you have any instructions for using uncooked rice? How long is it left to collect microbes?

Equilibrium, I thought about your suggestion of using my wife's glass pie dish, and quite frankly, didn't have the intestinal fortitude to ask her if I could put it in my worm farm! Pretty much the bottom line: I'm a chicken. Your suggestion is a good one, as well as biigblueyes one to use stainless steel. I experimented with a wicker basket this last time, but will be using glass or stainless steel next go around.

Regarding throwing some pristine dirt in the mix after it's done: The first successful sample was from dirt/leaves thrown on top of the rice, so I figure it's got good microbes in it. I'll be adding it & the worm bin microbes together when using it, figuring I have the best of both worlds......worm poo & local microbes.

Sooooooo, where the project's at:

Sample 1 - made from the bamboo leaves/dirt has been completed. I decided to store it in a liquid form & mixed it 1 part IMO with 3 parts water (de-chlorinated). After straining, it's being stored in a brown root beer bottle & shaken weekly to keep the microbes supplied with oxygen.

Sample 2 - made from worm poo microbes was tossed due to lots of black microbes in the mix. FAIL!

Sample 3 - worm poo microbes gathered in a wicker basket has been successful & has been mixed with an equal weight of brown sugar to propagate the microbes. After 5 days or so, I'll be mixing it 1 part IMO (worm poo microbes) to 3 parts water, then straining & storing it for use.

Pictures of Sample 3:
Worm Bin Sample 3 - 1, rice filled wicker basket in worm bin, lots of green, yellow & white. The picture has grey looking mycelium, but it's really kinda green.
Worm Bin Sample 3 - 4, rice removed from basket, it has a spongy texture, kind of like angelfood cake, only a lot firmer
Worm Bin Sample 3 - 5, the rice has been broken up & is in a bowl with brown sugar
Worm Bin Sample 3 - 6, the wicker basket. It collected a couple of worms too & has been placed back in the worm bin for decomposition as an experiment to see if it will become worm food. I'm betting it does.

Woooohooo, let the good times roll!
Attached Thumbnails
IMO Experiment (Indigenous micro-organisms)-worm-bin-sample-2-1.jpg   IMO Experiment (Indigenous micro-organisms)-worm-bin-sample-2-4.jpg   IMO Experiment (Indigenous micro-organisms)-worm-bin-sample-2-5.jpg   IMO Experiment (Indigenous micro-organisms)-worm-bin-sample-2-6.jpg  

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Nice progress!

I have found yogurt has a good mix of bacteria that they use in
bokashi, specfically Lactobacillus sp.Lactobacillus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I just take the large yogurt container, and dont clean it after. Then just add your rice or other starch, and the magic should happen.

"Some Lactobacillus species are used for the production of yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, beer, wine, cider, kimchi, cocoa, and other fermented foods, as well as animal feeds, such as silage. Sourdough bread is made using a "starter culture," which is a symbiotic culture of yeast and lactic acid bacteria growing in a water and flour medium."

Adding oxygen into the mix will change the microbes in the container. Depending on the end goal, anaerobic, aerobic, or a mix of both. Lactobacillus sp. is a Facultative anaerobic organism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which allows it to switch, but some might like the anaerobic process or aerobic more.
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Good report! Have not yet got into the IMO's since the Bokashi EMO's serve my teeny-tiny parking lot garden just swell so far. Future (retirement) plans will have me with many acres, including woods, so take good note of your success.

Bryan is a wonder and gift as are you, Jon.
If only I had access to un-asphalted ground...
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Hey RC, drop by a thrift store or a garage sale and find a glass casserole pan there. Should cost you a couple of bucks, at most.

I love the experiment and the pics are great!
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Hi All,

Your yogurt container process is awesome, totally inline with KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) and easy to do. My next batch will be giving it a go, totally great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

I hear you about retirement & your small garden space! I'm 7 or 8 years away from calling it quits & am ready to stop now!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife is talking about a move away from Seattle to the more pristing & less populated peninsula. I got to choose Seattle in 1988 as part of a job move & she gets to choose the retirement move.
Since I don't know what I'm doing, my first garden space is 3' x 5' & is pictured in the foreground.

Qjedi, I should have you as a neighbor so that you can do my thinking for me!!!! Doh, thrift store & a happy wife; nice, nice, nice.

Microbe update!!!!!
Check out the pictures of the tomato plant - the close up shot is the growth/flowers that occurred since adding the bamboo leaf microbes starting 3 weeks ago. Wooohooooooo, tons of flowers, and very little plant growth.
Additional background: I live in Seattle, the weather improved over the last 6 weeks & I had some pretty good plant growth & a good selection of flowers/tomato fruit. But since the addition of the bamboo microbes....
Of course I can't say for sure that is what did it, but anyways it's pretty cool. The microbes are applied weekly, 1 or 2 tablespoons of the microbes, bubbler stones in the 5 gallon bucket, 1 or 2 tablespoons of molasses. I have applied 2 batches of microbes alone & 1 batch with 1 or 2 tablespoons of fish emulsion for nitrogen.

Overall so far this year:
Tomatoes did awesome as well as snap peas.
Cucumbers & lettuce are doing kinda so-so.
Root crops - onions, carrots did poorly
My current thought is that my soil is so sandy & had no organics in it, that the vine crops (tomatoes & peas) responded very well to the microbes. Cucumbers being between root & vine did so-so
The root crop suck.
I believe that as the soil improves, the root crops will do much much better.

Who knows for sure, I'll find out as time goes on.

Picture 1: My small garden with it's 6' cherry tomato plant, also, there is a 3' beefstake that is immediately to the right of it. It's pretty puny because it got stomped when I started it & it's about 4 weeks behind the cherry tomato in growth. Or, it may just not grow too well, we'll see.
Picture 2 a close up of the blooms/growth since adding the bamboo leaf microbes.
Attached Thumbnails
IMO Experiment (Indigenous micro-organisms)-tomatoes.jpg   IMO Experiment (Indigenous micro-organisms)-bamboo-micro-organismss.jpg  
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Hiya rc!!! I'm sure you're not being snarky... I was just curious because I start out with uncooked rice and it works fine by me without the extra step of steaming it.
About the glass pie dish... or glass casserole dish.... I definitely see those for cheap at estate and rummage sales so I agree with Qj on looking around for them since you're too afraid of getting a frying pan over your head for "snitching"!!! Maybe just tell all your family and friends to be on the look out for a 2nd hand glass anything for you when they're out and about and chances are.... you'll get lucky.... it'll just be a matter of time if you enlist personal shoppers!!!
Those flops of yours in post #12 can go into a composter!!! Don't be letting flops go to waste!!!
BTW.... EXCELLENT growth on your cherry tomato plants and I like the supports you made!!!
rocker> kefir has waaaaaay more strains of lacto than yogurt.... like 10. I just found that out a few months ago when I had a chicken with sour crop and had to re-establish the flora in her crop. I mixed the kefir with scrambled eggs for her to get something down her.
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Default It's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice, nice, nice!!!
This experiment worked out very well, thanks for all for your suggestions/comments. Totally cool.
I just finished up the worm microbe IMO, and got it bottled. It smells kinda sweet & earthy, totally cool.
As Equilibrium suggested (although it's not a failure), the rice/microbes left overs have gone into the garden.
I'm quite stoked about this experiment, it's easy & although I can't scientifically prove that it's working............the soil's getting fed.
Next up is some more charcoal making, I've got 3 more small beds to make for next year.

Best Regards To All,
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experiment, imo, indigenous, microorganisms

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