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Nature Heals All
Nature Heals All
Howard Bright
Published by ionxchange
Default Nature Heals All

Nature Heals All

The natural world, as recognized over and over again can be our best teacher. The struggles and stresses that we perceive in our daily lives can get to be such a drain on us. When this happens, our lives are no longer in cadence or harmony with others and the natural world. We start to feel distressed and lost while even armed with our fine educations, years of therapy, self-awareness and physical fitness. Where do we turn? There seems to be no answer and no one to help us.
I remember when I was very young and my parents used to argue with each other, I would get very upset and walk out of the house. There was an old red oak stump in our timber. I would just sit there, staring at the ground and trees around me. It was my escape and my haven from stress and turmoil. This little wood lot that had been so mistreated and now barely remained had become my friend and companion. Having been stripped of all valuable timber long ago, then grazed, then abandoned, now recovering but extremely scarred, the landscape did not complain but only saw new opportunity for change and a new life. The stripping of its timber was not harbored in a memory bank filled with judgments of greed or bad behavior. No one was being held responsible for the condition of this little parcel. Out of what looked like total defilement and desolation came a new beginning and a new life for this old, old piece of ground.
There were Yellow Warblers, Myrtle Warblers, Scarlet Tanagers, Ruby Crown Kinglets, and Purple Finches, over 100 species of beautiful birds in this small haven along with squirrels, rabbits and copperheads. It was amazing that this land, so poor, could house and care for such a diversity of life.
Underneath the shallow leaves and humus of the oaks and hickories, it was only 2" to shale rock. Erosion had not even allowed a new soil to stay in place. Now a new soil was starting to form. The oaks grew ever so slowly, but they grew. Now, down the slope, a small clearing, a little knoll occupied by Andropogon virginicus, or Broom Sedge as we called it, was dotted with Eastern Red Cedars. From here, I could lie down in the grass and look to the south and east to see a whole horizon bounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Only 12 miles away, I could see Big Bald Mountain on the North Carolina line marked by the Appalachian Trail. It was a beautiful wilderness within site of this abandoned and forgotten vestige that was once a link and connection to these mighty mountains. Like a child cast out into a desert of chaos and severed from its mother, this little wood lot had become an island.
My education and awareness might not have been that well established at the age of nine but my feelings were in tact and I knew this was a place where I could go and start to heal and find comfort. I didnít have to worry about conflict here. I was accepted and I fit in with the rest. I became part of that landscape and it is still within me. I have learned from the great spirit of the natural world.
Every change is an opportunity for a new beginning. Nature does not hear or respond to shame, blame, doubt, and guilt nor does she harbor regrets or grudges. She takes what she has and moves on to constantly create more beauty in the world. Won't you join her and let her help you create your own beauty?

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By Equilibrium on 11-26-2010, 01:39 PM

This is beautiful!!! What a way to send me off for the day with your warm fuzzies!!!
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By biigblueyes on 11-26-2010, 06:33 PM

Beautifully said!
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By havalotta on 11-28-2010, 10:31 AM

I used to go into our back yard for the same reason..
To find solitude, I'd climb into the highest branch of a double row of evergreens and perch where I'd watch the birds flit, play, build nests, feed their young, and fend off owls.
I'd often go up probably higher than I should have not thinking of weight verses its tiny branches...
I recall its soothing sway..... Like a baby in a cradle I lay reclined within its wispy grasp swaying so gently in the warm breeze....Ahhhhhh
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By TheLorax on 11-29-2010, 04:03 PM

Accolades to you for sharing childhood memories of a special place.

I savor my childhood memories of tasting snowflakes. When I close my eyes and relive chasing fireflies amidst a chorus of crickets it is as if I am there reliving the experience all over again.
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enjoying nature, forest, heals, natural areas, nature, nature heals all, quiet, stress relief, woods

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