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Default Indoor Bokashi (Beerkashi) Composting for the Urban Gardener


As a former country girl and neophyte container gardener with a 4' x 3' east-facing fire escape landing along with 3 huge south-facing windows, the idea of having to purchase and then continually fertilize...
If only I had access to un-asphalted ground...

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By soundsgood on 06-25-2014, 06:28 AM

"This is composting without a brain, just bran (I made a funny)."

That phrase is a keeper toward the list of Bokashi memes We need all the microbe memes we can collect and spread.

Hope I didn't come across as defensive of my process, activity or positions; glad to be prepared for unanticipated resistance.

Responded to Mary thus:

From: Soundsgood
Sent: 6/9/2014 07:25:14 AM
To: <dsny@customerservice.nyc.gov>
Subject: Bokashi fermenting / Sounds Good LLC (NJ) - #1-1-975050708

Hi, Mary,

Thank you for your reply. Classic composting is a HUGE step for your
department to handle, and can only assume you've a lot on your plate. That
you would take the time to respond is not unappreciated.

From the NYTimes piece and experience, there is resistance to this program
for the anticipated scents / vermin. Bokashi ameliorates those issues.

Perhaps it's not that NYC adds Bokashi to their compost system, but makes
arrangements to educate consumers about the tech so they can compost within
your system more easily.

Anyway, wishing you continued success.



And Mary's response:

Thank you for your follow up message. I will make sure our program managers see your enthusiastic further recommendation.

We appreciate your interest in New York City's composting and waste prevention programs.

Mary Most
- Public Information & Outreach Specialist
- Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling
- City of New York Department of Sanitation


The PR machine behind this program is in full throttle:

The Brian Lehrer Show: Meet NYC's New Sanitation Chief - WNYC


Of particular note, this from the above-linked school composting piece:

"Much of New York’s compost stream is a result of nutrition rules that require every child to be served healthy food, and health rules that ban re-serving unwrapped food once it has been placed on a lunch tray, for fear of contamination and to make sure food is served at proper temperatures. For those reasons, an uneaten apple or banana or even an unopened milk carton cannot be given to another child."

And this:

"At P.S. 30, students done with their lunch have a choice of three plastic bins: one for landfill garbage like plastic bags, foam cups and wrappers; one for recyclables, like metal, glass, plastic and milk cartons; and one for food scraps. Nearby is a red bucket where unconsumed milk is poured; it is later sent down a drain."

Milk. If they have kids separating stuff and pouring milk down a drain, here's a source for the milk part of the Bokashi-making equation.

How hard would it be to get a Starbucks corporation behind collecting its grounds to use as the substrate? Is a substrate / drying / storing process even necessary in a hybrid system? A light spray of diluted EM with each layer added to the hybrid compost pile...

Now all we need are free sources of molasses and rice wash water to complete the ingredient list.

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By rockerBOO on 06-25-2014, 06:50 AM

Some (more?) Starbucks store their grounds for people to come and pick up. Popular enough that they don't have coffee grounds a lot of the time. Especially in NYC there would be a lot of options.
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