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Default The Silent Time Bomb on Your Plate: Watch FRESH for free till March 3rd

The Silent Time Bomb on Your Plate: Watch FRESH for free till March 3rd
Posted on February 26, 2012 by geobear7

The Silent Time Bomb on Your Plate: Watch FRESH for free till March 3rd | Food Freedom
excerpt from above:
The “faster, bigger, cheaper” approach to food is slowly draining dry our planet’s resources and compromising your health.

The Earth’s soil is depleting at more than 13 percent the rate it can be replaced.

The documentary “FRESH” celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system...
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Wow talk about bombs, Last night the the winds were fierce and it looked like the old spooky box-elder was gonna fall and today the news showed the damage done in the Midwest by twisters. There's nothing we can do about tornado season and it does seem early this year according to NOAA and I hope everyone is safe but at least these farmers doing something that just seems like common sense. I read something that knocked me back about the feeds produced for these factory farms had antibiotics right from the supplier. It's almost a given that the animals will get sick in the conditions their raised in. Now according to the article the antibiotics cause bloating just like in humans, You retain water. Then the article concludes in saying that when you buy this meat by the pound your getting a little extra water. Then to twist the knife in the Good Farmer's back the feed that is antibiotic free costs more!
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I missed this. I wonder if it's on Netflix. Antibiotics in feed has become common place. Funny you mentioning extra "water" in meat. I was talking to somebody who shops at WalMart for food. I don't.... they do. They were complaining about getting a chicken that had a 1 lb pack of liquid seasonings stuffed inside it with the liver and gizzards. That sucks if you're getting charged for liquid chicken seasonings. I went online looking for info of Wally World and found this that I sent to them, The Writing On The Wal Blog Archive Why does Wal-Mart sell meat injected with water and chemicals?, The Writing On The Wal Blog Archive Be Afraid: Wal-Mart Named Meat and Deli Retailer of the Year AND Walmart's Altered Meats. That sucks too especially if someon'e trying to price shop and the price of their meat is artificially lower than competitors because they're injecting it. I dunno what all's going into their "solution" but.... I don't think I want to either.
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