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Default What did you learn this week?

I learned from turttle that bog cheerios were Polygala lutea…. a cheery little native plant. Common names of plants can be such a hoot sometimes!!! I learned that one of our rabbits had orangy reddish pee because we’re giving her too many carrots and the hair loss on her ears wasn’t from mites… which I suspected…. it’s from stress… motherhood. I guess a 1st round with 10 babies would cost any of us a “little” hair. I learned little “rabbit” lessons can be very expensive with trips to the vet and lab work. Classico tomato and basil sauces from Sam’s Club come in real 1 quart Atlas mason jars that accept a standard lid and ring that can be used in high pressure canning... Atlas didn’t screw with the glass during the manufacturing process…. it’s the real McCoy under those labels!!! Similar deal with Classico Alfredo sauces…. they’re being processed in an Atlas 1.5 pint glass jars but those jars don’t accept a standard lid and ring…. you can reuse the lid it came with for dehydrated foods or buy a one-use lid for canning. I added a photo of the jars. The jar directly to the left of the Classico 1 qt sauce is an empty I cleaned and filled with dehydrated peach slices from my trees. The jar in front and sorta a little to the left of the Classico alfredo sauce jar is just an empty 1.5 qt I haven't refilled yet. I learned that Ameraucana chicks take a real long time to sex…. months and months or until they’re fully mature. We can take “guesses” based on feathers and such but…. you almost have to wait until they start crowing to separate the boys from the girls. Last not least for this week.... I learned I coulda made my own fly swatters that woulda worked if I'd saved the handles to the elcheapo plastic ones that broke on me.
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How about I get back to you NEXT week about "this weeks" learning curve.

I'm about to jump into the car to head north for the weekend. Past experience has taught me to......
Pack the car ahead of the storm front that's quickly moving in AND to bring some of those time consuming indoor activities I've been meaning to get to. See ya.......
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learn, week

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