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One of the places I buy beekeeping supplies from also sells tiny booklets with elastic so they can be attached to the lid of the jar. It's a tiny cookbook of 10 or so recipes involving honey. I never bothered with them though.

Honey can easily be replaced for sugar in most recipes. Because honey has an actual flavor it needs to be done more to taste I think. For example I think it's overpowering in tea, but not on chicken nuggets, or as the main ingredient in BBQ sauce. So maybe it's better to use both honey and sugar but find a happy medium somewhere. That would be a good suggestion to people who don't know how to use honey.

Seriously, I've given people jars and 5 years later they tell me they still have it slowly crystallizing in their pantry. Maybe I should invest in some of those recipe books. On the flip side people who love honey, for some odd reason, feel the need to give me the bottle back... as if I'm going to just refill it then and there for them. I don't reuse plastic bottles.
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