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It's not about motor skills, Lorax, it's about decision-making skills. Young children lack wisdom. Off the top of my head, I can remember at about the age of six, deciding to spit into my sister's drink at the dinner table just to see what would happen. A good friend of mine, at about the same age, decided to hit her brother over the head with a croquet mallet. (I got in trouble. My friend's brother got stitches.)

Are you one of those well-prepared people? Are you sure that everyone who reads your bleach project idea and wants to do it with their own group of kids is so well prepared?

(I know my mother wasn't so well-prepared when she lead a scout troop, but that was 25 years ago.)
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The original poster is Equilibrium.
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This is sort of ridiculous. If a parent doesn't want to consider doing this project when their kid is a little older and out of diapers... they don't need to.. they're the parent... and I am the person who started this thread. This is a variation of an activity frequently used in public schools (our kids did a tie for Father's Day in second or third grade), summer camps, nursing homes, and by homeschoolers. Doesn't matter how well prepared I was or not because it uses a spray bottle and regular household bleach... I've never heard of anyone getting their head split open with a plastic hairspray bottle. I never suggested this project for the pre-school set. I said Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts are first through fifth grade but younger kids could easily enjoy this activity with the help of an adult. This IS AN age appropriate activity for lower elementary students... it's not like there's hydrochloric or sulfuric acid in the spray bottles.
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