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Default Southwest cities ask homeowners to lose the lawn.

Rebates to help homeowners get rid of lawn and high fines for watering seem to be on the rise in the arid areas of the country. Will it be enough?


In Mesa, Ariz., the city has paid to turn nearly 250,000 square feet of residential lawn into desertscape.
More than one million square feet of grass has been moved from Los Angeles residences since the rebate program began here in 2009. New parks provide only token patches of grass, surrounded by native plants. Outside City Hall, what was once a grassy park has been transformed into a garden of succulents.
The first five months of this year were the driest on record in California, with reservoirs in the state at 20 percent below normal levels. The lawn rebate program here will save approximately 47 million gallons of water each year, according to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
Since then, the water district has paid out nearly $200 million to remove 165.6 million square feet of grass from residences and businesses.
“The landscape in Southern Nevada has changed dramatically,” she said. “If you had driven through a single-family development in the 1990s, it would have had grass all the way around. Today, you find desert landscaping. You see very little grass.”
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They are definitely heading in the right direction
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pawprint another example of throwing money & legal caveates at the problem...

Originally Posted by FROM THE ARTICLE
And municipalities, hoping those savings can be expanded, have tried to entice more residents to dig up their lawns by offering more money. Last month, Los Angeles raised its rebate to $2 from $1.50 a square foot of grass removed. Long Beach now offers $3 a square foot.
...I don't know first hand about their municipal practices, but I would hope that for every square foot of grass removed via 'municipal rebate' they would expect or require the actual grass/root/debris be properly composted and verified (documented at the municipal composting facility, example: 'john doe' delivered 2500 lbs of grassy debris, or the city verified that the debris was composted on site by the owner)! If a mention of something like that had been in the article, I would approve completely.

I mean, what good is it to remove the value of the grass, if you don't dispose of it economically & responsibly? Saving the water, and the expense of mowing are obvious but if this targeted debris is simply being wasted into the landfill, then I think they have missed the ecological point.

Not withstanding the 'non-organic' viability of municipal compost due to 'unknown sources of various poisons' that end up in the compost batch, still I think even if contaminated the composted result is better than wasting to the landfill. What's In Commercial Compost? | Planet Natural

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I'm so with you on what all is ending up in landfills these days.
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