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I definitely like the idea of no tape.

I've been thinking of LARGE pieces (most of which do require me to remove tape), but perhaps, getting smaller boxes and putting them down first, I'd get one layer done with the larger sheets to cover them up.
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pawprint So ummmmm has anyone used cardboard....

...to prevent tree roots from growing into your flower bed?

I have this tree, which is the moisture/nutrient robbing Maple! Yes there are other trees very near by, White & red oak, dogwood, black gum, wild cherry, and cedar also......but the Maple feeder roots are by far the ones invading this space.Best online instructions for smothering lawn?-100_2220.jpg

Best online instructions for smothering lawn?-100_2222.jpgLong story--short, this thing invaded my flower bed with millions of 'feeder roots', grass wasn't my problem, I kept surface weeds cleared away...but man-O-man these tree roots Stunted and Stopped everything I've tried to grow in this little plot. Needless to say 'I didn't use cardboard', before I threw in the very best homemade dirt (compost) I had.Best online instructions for smothering lawn?-100_2223.jpg

Best online instructions for smothering lawn?-100_2225.jpgHere is the pix of feeder roots, and lots of them! I'm resolved to digging and sorting it all out...just because I'm a little ticked off about how I misused my hard won dirt.

The question is...had I put down cardboard, would it have slowed down the invasive maple feeder roots? Literally nothing grew there this year, I put in about 7 elephant ears and lots of columbine seed...all for nothing.

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Nope and I'm feeling pretty lucky that I've never had the need to try it.
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