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Default The Battlefront in the Front Yard

The Battlefront in the Front Yard
Published: December 19, 2012

excerpt from above:
JASON HELVENSTON was at work on his second crop, spreading compost to fertilize the carrots, bok choy, kale and dozens of other vegetables he grows organically on his property in Orlando, Fla., when the trouble began.

Mr. Helvenston spent last Super Bowl Sunday planting the garden outside his 1940s cottage, in a neighborhood of modest houses close to downtown. Orlando’s growing season is nearly year-round, and Mr. Helvenston, a self-employed sustainability consultant for the building trade, said he saw the garden as “a budget thing” — a money-saving supplement to the chicken coop he and his wife, Jennifer, installed a few months later behind their house.

Since his backyard doesn’t get much sun, Mr. Helvenston ripped out the lawn in his front yard and put the 25-by-25-foot, micro-irrigated plot there. The unorthodox landscaping went largely unnoticed for months...
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I think it looks attractive.

One of the ideas floating around is to require homeowners who plant a front-yard garden to shield it from the street with a fence. Mr. Padin, the owner of the neighboring house, said he would be “100 percent agreeable” to that solution.
wouldn't a fence that shields the view from the street also shade the garden from the sunlight?
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How boring grass is to look at! I would much rather see plants. I planted a wildlife garden in the front yard of my townhouse. My neighbor across the street did also. We created quite a lot of attention. Others did not like it. My Dad said I should move to the country so I did. The neighbors still don't like my landscaping. Hopefully someday that mindset will change!
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It looks cared for. People should be able to grow food on their property. For awhile these laws were only enfored if complains were filed. Now the city of Chicago has people out looking for violations.

As for the enforced homogeneity, Mr. Ippel said, the code was written in 1991 and reflects an era when “the aesthetic was more of a formalized thing. Organic, natural planting was out of vogue.”
Out of vogue...that's probably when people started getting serious about planting something other than a lawn.
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I would think Chicago has better ways to
Spend taxpayer money. Sometimes people
Only have sun in their front yard. Yes they
Should be able to grow healthy vegetables
in their front yard!
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