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Default Zizia aurea

Has anyone in the Northeast had any luck attracting black swallowtails to Zizia aurea?
I've had 4 large plants in place for a few years now and still find no evidence the black swallowtails are using them as a host plant.
I have had numerous visits from swallowtails and plenty of cats visible but only on the bronze fennel.
I planted the Zizia as a replacement for the bronze fennel and was hoping to remove the latter but I can't if they are always used as the host plant.
I was going to try digging out the deep roots of a few bronze fennel either at the end of this season or next spring and actually placing the Zizia on the same spot as one last ditch effort.
Any information or ideas on this?
The only think I can think of is the Zizias are in a slightly more shaded spot then the fennel.
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I've had Golden Alexander for a few years now and I've never had any caterpillars on it.
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I have had Zizia aurea for a few years now. Every year I get some black swallowtails raising cats on it. This year I also raised 5 black swallowtails from the egg stage to mature adults in an enclosure on Zizia leaves and flowers.

I can't offer any comparison to dill, parsley or fennel since I don't have any of those in my yard. Most of my alexander plants are in full sun, but there are a few in partial shade. The black swallowtails have used both, but there may be a slight preference for the full sun plants.
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