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Default Distinguishing a Monarch from a Viceroy

The Monarch on the left, and the Viceroy on the right. These two butterflies look very similar, but the black band running across the lower wing of the Viceroy makes it easy to tell them apart. This line also appears on the underside of the wings, so the same ID key works even if their wings are folded.

This particular Monarch is a male. You can tell by the small black oval scent patches on the hind wings.
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Distinguishing a Monarch from a Viceroy-monarch-2.jpg   Distinguishing a Monarch from a Viceroy-viceroy-butterfly.jpg  
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They are both beautiful, and beautiful photos NEWisc. That is a good and easy ID tip.
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Thanks for that info about the scent patches on the Monarch males, didn't know that. Nice photos too.

Another thing I've noticed about Viceroys is that they don't usually fly like Monarchs. Monarchs tend to sort of fly aimlessly from plant to plant, no big hurry, whereas Viceroys are often flying very fast, like they have somewhere to go and they're late.

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I'm thinking somewhere in the past, these 2 guys had identical DNA ....
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distinguishing, monarch, viceroy

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