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Default State Butterflies

I noticed a lot of states don't have official Butterflies, New Jersey (where I live) included.

I feel like the Monarch would be an obvious choice on account of the thick density of them each autumn in Cape May NJ. Though it might be just as well to pick something more threatened. But that brings up the question, how one picks a state butterfly, or state anything for that matter?
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I know that in Kentucky the Viceroy is the state butterfly and we can get it on our license plates or a cardinal or bobcat.
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The state legislature has to care enough to vote it in. NC has had an ongoing discussion/argument for a number of years about a state amphibian which has been quite heated (who knew people would care?)

You could write to your congressman, start a newspaper campaign, fire up some interest.

Many states have the monarch and the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, probably because they are large, common and visible to the general public who may have never heard of a satyr or wood nymph or hairstreak.
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In Ohio, I know the state insect, frog, and amphibian were all named because the cause became a class project.

We have the ladybug as the state insect due to a teacher and a class from an elementary school in the same district I was growing up in. Quite the big deal back in '75. Subject came up again last year when the teacher died.

Ruth Michaelis, 1919-2012: Teacher led Ohio's ladybug effort - Toledo Blade

Starting in 2002, there was an ongoing class project to get the bullfrog named the state amphibian. It was done by a middle school in the district I was living in at the time. It was in the news a lot. I was not a fan since I think bullfrogs make a pest of themselves when predators above them don't exist. Anyway, the kids kept pushing. I think it was 2005 when a school from another part of the state started pushing the spotted salamander. In 2010, when a load of stuff was getting passed before summer break, two state senators representing both sides snuck language into a townships nuisance bill, making the salamander the state amphibian and the bullfrog the state frog. Another senator tried to get it back out but a tie vote left it in. Ohio House passed it in the middle of the night.

So, get some kids and a dedicated teacher on board if you want success.

Ohio may give bullfrog its due respect - Campus - The Lantern - Ohio State University


The second article mentions Senators Grendell and Hughes. 2 1/2 years later, they are the two that made it happen.

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Michigan has the Green Darner Dragonfly as the state insect but many people are interested in the blue karner butterfly that is losing habitat along the lakes as people move in.

It seems a shame my state doesn't have butterflies, turtles, and amphibians as tourist attractions
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butterflies, state

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