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I read somewhere that it was the yeast in beer that attracted the butterflies just like it attracts slugs. I'd think any alcohol would dissipate so I wouldn't think they'd get tipsie. Wikipedia says yeast is added to bourbon when it's being made so maybe that's part of the reason for a recipe calling for bourbon, Bourbon whiskey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I dunno... maybe there's a clue to why in the article.
Viceroy> I did put your recipe outside. I've got the remainder in my frig. So far all I'm getting are flies and European paper wasps. I'm thinking I shoulda started this earlier in the year. Bad timing right about now because I know this recipe will work. I just spotted some bald-faced hornets checking out your concoction too so I'm sure they'll bring friends which doesn't exactly thrill me.
Oranges can attract butterflies too and so can mud puddles. I think the butterfly brew will be capable of attracting the best though so I'll start putting it out the 1st time I see a butterfly flit through my yard next spring. Big thanks for the recipe!!!!
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Equilibrium, glad you tried it and I'm sure you will see the results, I use it in several places in the yard, fence,stumps etc. The wasps are an unfortunate circumstance, what you can do is use a 3or 4" PVC cap, (drill 3 holes in the cap for hanging if you like) use a red plastic pot scratchy, put brew in cap and scratchy on top. Butterflies use proboscis to get brew,wasps go home cryin! Not fool proof but slows em down, Good luck.
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I'm just going to throw this out there for fun, how about adding your favorite bug attracting concoction to a spray bottle or whatever, so that when your in the field, you might see your elusive butterfly speeding on by as usual, but instead of frantically chasing the prey & calling 'here butter, butter, DARN ^&@#*& butterfly' you whip out your spray rig, give a few quick squirts in the air or on your nearest picturesque setting. All in hopes that the lure attracts the curious & even the speedsters (kina like a speedtrap ), perhaps yielding a nice snapshot. Hummmph now that I think about it, it might be a good way to shake a gaggle of yellow jackets off your trail...uuuummmm errr NO I'm not going to test that one.

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