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book9 Protection of Polar Regions by Huettmann

Protection of Polar Regions by Huettmann,
It’s not out yet. It was supposed to be but I’m not finding it yet. It’ll probably show up at Amazon sooner or later. I’m not normally into this kind of a read because it’s kinda obvious to me scientists are being bought and sold to the highest bidders these days but I’m probably gonna pick up this book, ‘Protection of Polar Regions’ based on the review titled ‘Epitaph for the Poles’ written by Brian Czech, Epitaph for the Poles? Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy
I hesitated to write a foreword to this scientifically rigorous book, as my admiration for science is ebbing. Incredibly expensive ecological studies have done incredibly little to stem the tide of environmental degradation. Too few researchers have taken their ecological expertise – their knowledge of the economy of nature – and applied it to the machinations of the human economy, or even to educating the public and policy makers on the tradeoffs they face between economic growth and environmental protection. Some ecologists have even sold out on the economy of nature and bought into the oxymoronic rhetoric of “sustainable growth.”
This book begins and ends by clarifying the fact that all the science in the world won’t save the poles – that includes the “Third Pole” (Tibetan Plateau) – unless human populations and their per capita consumption stabilize. This makes it easy for the reader to connect most of the chapters in Protection with the perils of economic growth.”
For anyone whose just discovered Wayne Tyson…. He added a very thoughtful reply to Czech.
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