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leaf Growing Trees From Seed (Kock, Aird, Ambrose, & Waldron)

Amazon.com: Growing Trees from Seed: A Practical Guide to Growing Native Trees…

'Growing Trees From Seeds' A Practical Guide to Growing Native Trees, Vines and Shrubs
by Henry Kock and
Paul Aird, John Ambrose, Gerald Waldron

This is not a picture book although there are many illustrations. It is a practical guide.

It has plans for obtaining the seed.

One of which is...
"Fruits that squirrels drop to the ground can be picked up if your timing is right. High crowns make it hard to obtain some seed without help."
Reasons to plant seeds...
Preserving stress-tolerant trees and shrubs.
Our indigenous trees and shrubs are in the early stages of developing a seed bank of mature,stress-tolerant individuals on disturbed sites.
Advise on how to tell when the fruit is ready to collect.
Fruit maturity is associated with a shift in color. For large seeded species cut a few fruits open (using a good pair of pruning shears) to assure seeds are sound and have not been eaten by weevils. "
Stuff to carry with while seed seeking ...
envelopes and paper bags for dry fruit and seeds
plastic bags for moist seeds and cuttings
a compact umbrella to catch seeds shaken or tossed
pencils and tags
a swiss army knife
pruning shears
a water bottle
fiels notebook
a container to carry everything
Planting strategy...
"Natural soil developes in layers and root systems have evolved to exploit those layers. Mixing the soil disturbs this natural process."
"It is the decomposition process at the soil surface that is important, not the final product."
And many pages of individual species information...
"Clematis flowers are a rich source of nectar and are bee pollinated, the fruits mature in October.
The embryo is not fully developed when the fruit is ripe and natural germination is delayed until the second spring. Treatment requires a 24 hour soak,a 30 day warm moist, then 60 day cold moist stratification."
In the preface Henry Kock states his aim in writting a book as "to pass on knowledge of native woody plants and to inspire the gathering and growing of
seeds to help restore and sustain the precious diversity of our natural heritage."

He died before the book was finished but with a little help from friends and his wife the book was published.

Henry Kock was an Interpretive Horticulturist at the University of Guelph.
He transformed his own urban backyard into a woodland with over 100 tree, shrub and herbaceous species along with stumps,
logs, a marshy hollow and a brush pile.
In this yard, there is abundant life and food with no feeders.
The daily foraging of predators helps prevent possible outbreak of pests.

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Gloria, thank you for the description of this book. Growing trees (and shrubs) from seed is something that I would love to do. This book is going on my wish list immediately.
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