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Default Red-winged blackbirds in springtime

A narrator included but the film is very nice. For the nature nuts that want to know a little more...

"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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I love it, nice very nice.
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Great video, Gloria!

I watched it twice because Bekka (one of our cats) started watching it with me.

Great photography and editing...and I learned something: I didn't know the male could/would mate with as many as 15 females in a season!
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Our computer doesn't have sound, so I didn't watch the video. We like the Red-winged blackbirds here. We are always tickled when they come to the feeders. Sometimes they try the tube feeder made for much smaller birds. Lately a male has been taking peanuts in the shell, a funny thing to watch. I knew the males had several females but didn't realize that many. I've read he is a good protector guarding their nests.
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I just watched this video with my 2 year old on my lap. We both enjoyed it very much! I asked her what birds these are and she said "blackbirds." We have marsh near our home and we do have red winged blackbirds in the area. For me the singing males are one of the first signs of spring.
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