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loon Common Loon Migration Study

U.S. Geological Survey
Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

Track Loon Migration via Satellites Online
Information from Tagged Birds Publically Available
Released: 9/8/2011 4:02:14 PM
Several common loons breeding in the Upper Midwest are sporting satellite transmitters in order for researchers to study the migration of these fish-eating water birds through the Great Lakes toward their southern winter homes. By using satellite tracking devices implanted in the loons from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Michigan Upper Peninsula, USGS scientists expect to learn information about avian botulism essential for managers to develop loon conservation strategies.

“This study will also help managers better understand how loons fare as they head to their wintering grounds along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts,” said USGS scientist Kevin Kenow of UMESC in La Crosse, Wisc. “This is the second year of the study. Ten loons radiomarked in 2010 provided insight into use of the Great Lakes during fall and spring migration and revealed wintering sites. Another 21 loons were radiomarked this past July over a broader area of the Upper Midwest.”
USGS Release: Track Loon Migration via Satellites Online (9/8/2011 4:02:14 PM)

Common loon movements and migrations 2011 - 2012
Common Loon Migration Study - Migration Data

Waterbird Distribution and Foraging Patterns on the Great Lakes with Respect to Avian Botulism
Periodic outbreaks of type-E botulism have resulted in die-offs of fish and fish-eating birds in the Great Lakes since at least the 1960s, but outbreaks have become more common and widespread since 1999. Extensive bird mortality has caused great public concern, yet the actual site of toxin exposure among birds remains unclear.
The Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC) in La Crosse, WI is studying the distribution and foraging patterns of sentinel fish-eating waterbirds through aerial surveys, and by tracking migration movements coupled with foraging depth profiles of common loons equipped with archival geo-locator tags and satellite transmitters.
Avian Conservation Ecology - Waterbird Distribution and Foraging Patterns on the Great Lakes with Respect to Avian Botulism
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We've had a resurgence of Loons where I go to see the 4th of July Fireworks, Since the Study that was done didn't cover the Lake Saint Clare and Detroit River perhaps this population loses less birds than the Upper Peninsula and Lake Michigan Loon Colonies. The Loons disappeared in the late 60's due to Urbanization and high mercury levels. Once the levels of Mercury fell in the fish the Loons came back to Belle Isle. It's not a big Island but has a small deer population and plenty of nesting area. Picnic Areas are near the water on the South end but the North end is Waterfowl area, Marshes are fenced off and only accessible by park employees and the Coast Guard. Farther down the river Eagle Eries can be seen.
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