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Default Feeling sorry for a pigeon??? This causes the new and unique emotion

Animal pictures of the year 2010: feeding and fighting - Telegraph
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At first it looks like a Photo-Shop but I guess the Pigeon suffered the same fate as a fish, Very rarely do you see a fish flop out either. I don't feel sorry for Pigeons, While they have adapted well to city life so have Cooper Hawks and Peregrine Falcons and when I see a pile of Pigeon feathers they go in the compost too.
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I had no idea that pelicans ate anything other than fish.

Pelican Facts
Pelicans mainly eat fish, but they are opportunistic feeders and will eat crustaceans, tadpoles and even turtles. They readily accept 'handouts' from humans, and a number of unusual items have been recorded in their diet. During periods of starvation, pelicans have been reported capturing and eating seagulls and ducklings. The gulls are held under water and drowned before being eaten headfirst. Pelicans will also rob other birds of their prey.
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Poor pigeon! But then, the pelican deserves to eat, too. I wonder if he said, "Hmm, tastes like chicken!"
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Even pelicans like a change in diet occasionally...
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Thought this would fit right into "Feeling sorry for a pigeon?"
Feeling sorry for a pigeon??? This causes the new and unique emotion-pigeon.jpg
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