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Default Article: "Count Your Chickens (and Robins and Pigeons ...)

"Count Your Chickens (and Robins and Pigeons ...), Urge Researchers Working to Protect Birds"

from ScienceDaily (June 1, 2010):

Count your chickens (and robins and pigeons ...), urge researchers working to protect birds

Excerpt from above:
People could help to prevent species of birds from becoming extinct by recording sightings of all kinds of birds online, including common species, according to a new study published in PLoS Biology.

The researchers behind the study, from Imperial College London, are urging the public to become 'citizen scientists' to help prevent today's common bird species from becoming threatened tomorrow.

To establish whether a certain species of bird is at risk of becoming endangered, so that they can act to protect it, scientists need to be able to compare present-day data on the species with a 'biodiversity baseline', describing when and where birds were found in the past.

The new research explores what information is available across Europe and Asia about current populations of gamebirds. It reveals that far less data is currently being collected on common species than in the past, meaning that there is no up-to-date biodiversity baseline for scientists to refer to.
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Call me a dummie, but is there a link to report birds? Otherwise it was just a great article and a nice thought.
Help please?
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LOL and good point.

I think the idea was that participating in local bird counts, even of common birds, is really important because researchers aren't focusing on them anymore. It's up to the amateurs citizen scientists to keep the data up-to-date.... so, yay for us!

If you have a local Audubon chapter, they sometimes will have local counts and surveys to help with (I haven't participated but I've seen groups at parks with mist nets, doing banding and such... someone else on the list probably knows more). Here's an Audubon map to locate a chapter near you:
States and Chapters

There are two national counts that I know of here in the US:
The Christmas Bird Count at the end of December Christmas Bird Count
Great Backyard Bird Count in mid February Welcome to GBBC — Great Backyard Bird Count

GBBC Results: 10.5 Million Birds and Counting‚€¶ | Audubon Magazine Blog
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