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Default "Winged Migration"

Did anyone catch this show that was on last night, I think on IFC or Sundance? I was stunned by the cinematography. It's a French film done I think in 2003. I believe the photographers used ultralight gliders to capture some amazing footage of birds in flight. The narration is sparse, which is good because I can't understand half of it due to the French accent of the narrator, plus the beauty of the photography is enough. There is a bit of CGI in it but not enough to distract. Check this film out if you haven't seen it. It's amazing.
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It's a great film!

I added a thread for it over at the library in case anyone wants to share their opinions of it:
Winged Migration (2001)

I wonder if the DVD version would have subtitles available?
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The entire documentary can be viewed for free on the topdocumentaryfilms website.

Here's the link to Winged Migration
It's free to watch.

linrose & calliandra,
This documentary is amazing and beautiful. It feels like one is right next to the birds flying with them.

An odyssey over three years in the making, Winged Migration certainly is an amazing experience to behold. Its most impressive and moving achievement is its ability to draw the viewer into an almost foreign world, traveling along with a myriad of bird species as they undertake their semiannual migrations over vast distances. Winged Migration offers the world through birds’ eyes.

We’re on the ground with them as they interact, look for sustenance, and care for their young; and we’re in the air with the birds as they dauntlessly fly high and low above the earth and sea. The film is also a tour of the globe that reveals gorgeous landscapes that most humans never get to see. One of the most unexpected delights of the film is listening to the many and varying voices of these creatures as they communicate with each other; it’s almost like a music track all its own.
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winged migration

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