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Default Ventriloquist Birds Call to Warn Friends and Enemies

Ventriloquist Birds Call to Warn Friends and Enemies
Dec. 7, 2009

Ventriloquist birds call to warn friends and enemies
excerpt from above
Many animals respond vocally when they detect predators, but it's not clear to whom they are signaling, said Jessica Yorzinski, a graduate student in animal behavior at UC Davis who conducted the study with Gail Patricelli, professor of evolution and ecology. They might be warning others of the threat, but they might also be telling the predator, "I've seen you."

Yorzinski used a ring of directional microphones around a birdcage to record the songs of dark-eyed juncos, yellow-rumped warblers, house finches and other birds as they were shown a stuffed owl...
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However, the main species tested -- juncos, warblers and finches -- all showed an ability to focus their calls in the direction of the owl, so these calls could also function to warn off a predator.

Not much different than we'd react upon sighting a bear nearby. We'd shout out at them to to scare them off too!
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Never considered the use of ventriloquism by birds but do not find the possibility of such that surprising . Just where did mankind learn some skills from ? Nature is a great teacher .

I find distress/warning calls given off by the burrowing owls make me look up when about on the property . I often will upon looking about then spy dogs wandering about . Not sure but I would guess thier calls to be omni directional . When thier young emerge here in/about mid-may it is amusing to watch the babies scurry off to the burrow entrance and dive headlong down into the tunnel/s when such a call is given
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