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Default Golden eagle rescued by SPCA of Monterey County

Golden eagle rescued by SPCA of Monterey County
By Gwyneth Dickey
Monterey County Herald
Posted: 11/09/2009 06:25:16 PM PST
Updated: 11/09/2009 06:25:17 PM PST

Golden eagle rescued by SPCA of Monterey County - San Jose Mercury News
excerpt from above:
The SPCA of Monterey County rescued an injured golden eagle in Soledad on Saturday after a man found the bird dazed and confused in a vineyard and brought it home.

How did the man get the fully grown male eagle to his house?
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dragonfly01 Golden Eagle in the house

Very very carefully. Actually, if the bird is on the ground, if you drop a coat over it & move quickly (preferably wearing stout leather gloves), you can subdue an eagle without much stress to the bird, your gloves, or other of your body parts. We Indns used to do it without gloves.. but then we value our 'earned scars'.
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I'm not into cosmetic surgery so if a bird turned me into shredded beef I'd be ok with the scars but... I'm not into pain. I'd go for a tarp and my rose gloves I suppose. That's about all I've got around here to stop me from ending up sushi.
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