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I don't know why they move the poop. I thought it was to keep the nests clean. I wasn't the only one moving nests when the Des Plaines River rose for the 500 year flood. They put out a call. I went over on my own into thicker areas that some people won't go into. Hundreds of birds were saved that year. The nests aren't as hard to find in spring as they are in summer. The trees aren't fully leafed out until June. That was a help. Hummingbirds nest very low to the ground and their nests are difficult to relocate. They have them wedged in real good. Here's a funny ending to the robins. There was one left up there. I saw mom flying back and forth and back and forth and back and forth from the make-do nest to the toppled nest and thought what the heck. I got out the ladder and got as high up as I could and there was one baby left. She had 4 not 3. I couldn't reach it or I would have moved it by the others. She had to fly back and forth between both nests to feed her young. I set a tray of worms out for her to help in honor of doccat. Big fat juicy worms. Tee he.
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One other thing I noticed with bluebirds this season; when chicks are small, the parents get food from the farthest reaches of their territory. Then, when the chicks are older, and even have a few fledglings poking around on the ground, they have a plentiful food source close-by, and don't have to fly as far to find some 'fast food'.

I don't think municipalities should be so quick to fill in wetlands and build levies. Wetlands help regulate river flow patterns; absorbing water during flooding, and letting it go during drought.

Removing wetlands and swamps will change the river into a gulley; massive flooding, changing quickly to a dry ditch.

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