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Birding Bunch 02-20-2015 01:03 PM


Not sure what to say about all that. :)

wildwatcher 02-20-2015 05:50 PM

we just get further out there...
...sooner or later your liable to get your yellow bellied sapsuckerz messing with your money...and I heard, that is where they got their name originally.

There once was a barrel of $money$---hidden in the woods. And the owner of the keg didn't visit the barrel very often... and he forgot after some time, which tree he marked it near.:blankstare

So he decided to take his barrel of monkeys out to exercise, an low & behold they all searched diligently (as diligently as a barrel of monkeys might be) for the old timerz lost fortune.

Finally after many steps and 20 bananas later, he remembered-way-back-when...he had marked the tree by nailing a shiny gold nugget into the tree!

Since the old timer needed better help to find his lost fortune, he found a nuthatch chirping and searching each tree very closely. So he made a conversation with the nuthatch, that if the bird would help him search for the gold marker in the tree, he would see too it that the nuthatch would always have fresh grain in the wintertime birdfeeder. The nuthatch told the old timer, that if he found the lost fortune, he would return him, too it.:happydance

With that, the special nuthatch was renamed The Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, for he is always searching the tree trunks for the gold marker. And it is old tradition that birdfeeders everywhere always welcome the yellow bellied sapsucker, in hopes that the bird might bring a message about the whereaboust of lost fortune..if you take time to listen for it.:crazy1


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