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Default Friends of the Redtail Society

Friends of the Redtail Society
Friends of Redtail- home
The MacBeth Road in west Pictou County is a relatively remote gravel road, which climbs to an elevation of about 500ft., across two broad brooks through forest and reclaimed farmland. There are few human inhabitants here, but it is home to numerous deer, owl, coyote, bobcat, fisher, bear and many other species.

In September 2006, residents of the road were alerted to a pending clear cut. Stakes erected by Neenah paper marked the location of a proposed logging road, a first step in the industrial extraction operation. Concerned residents organized quickly to inquire about the intended operations and seek a balanced plan that would benefit the forest, the extended bioregion and all those with a connection to it.

The group soon learned that although Neenah Paper was still responsible for cutting the land, it now actually belonged to Wagner, an American land management company who, just the year before bought 500,000 acres of Neenah's land in Nova Scotia.
news- news
We have only until December 2009 to raise $250,000 to stop the destruction of this forest. We ask you to join us in staking a claim, become a part of a community that is embarking on a long-term vision of sustainable land use.
We would like to encourage everyone to take a moment to look at their site.
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Unicellular Fungi
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Just read that the deadline has been extended. The website is worth visiting.
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I anxiously followed the links to their site expecting to find Red-tailed Hawks but nothing, no mention of the hawks, no pix. I checked all over the site. Wonder why they chose that misleading name...
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Friends of Redtail Society derives its inspiration from the deep ecological values instilled at Redtail Nature Awareness, a nature education centre located in close proximity to the land at stake. We continue to draw support from the diverse network of people who have come to know this land through their experience at Redtail. As part of the community since 1991, Redtail Nature Awareness has helped countless people of all ages develop a deep and respectful connection with the natural world.
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christmastree A gift for the trees?

Thanks, Gloria, for posting the link to the video - there's a lot to read on the site, and I missed it the first time. I found it very moving.

For clarity, the deadline to purchase the land has been extended to Dec. 9, 2010, in view of the fact that $70,000 of the needed $210,000 has been raised. (I wanted to quote that from the "news" section of the site - but not sure how.)

Sage, I can understand your dissapointment in not finding more hawk photos - probably the confusion comes from it being posted in the "Birds" forum, when the thrust of the effort is more conservation of part of the Acadian Forest ecosystem.

I don't know if there is another area (trees?) where more people would see it, but I'm very grateful to "Staff" for posting this, and happy I stumbled across it!

I know there are many worthy causes, and the amount to be raised seems like a lot. But as is so often the case, many small contributions could get the job done.

I'm new here, so if this is too much like "promotion," please let me know. If trees in Nova Scotia seems too far away, maybe consider a gift to your local land trust or other conservation effort?

Happy Holidays!
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I don't think our knuckles get rapped promoting orgs like this...
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
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