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Default Severe Drought, Other Changes Can Cause Permanent Ecosystem Disruption

Severe Drought, Other Changes Can Cause Permanent Ecosystem Disruption
Oct. 13, 2011

Severe drought, other changes can cause permanent ecosystem disruption
excerpt from above:
"Our study focused on a single stream in isolation, but this process of drying and local extinction is happening across the desert Southwest," Bogan said. "Eventually this could lead to the loss of species from the entire region, or the complete extinction of species that rely on these desert oases."

Small streams such as this are of particular interest because they can be more easily observed and studied than larger rivers and streams, and may represent a microcosm of similar effects that are taking place across much of the American West...
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There are so many wonderful and unique ecosystems in the southwestern U.S. states. Hopefully we are learning that some climates can not sustain unlimited developement and try to keep housing from spreading where there just isn't enough water. It is interesting to see how nature copes with such changes and over time what will occur.
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Nature's resilient... that's for sure. I read this and was really happy seeing over-pumping of local aquifers mentioned... it's a step in the right direction IMO. I keep hoping some day.... some how.... we'll put an end to shipping our fresh water overseas to recharge other country's aquifers seeing as how it's pretty much a no brainer to me we could sure put our own fresh water to better use ourselves recharging some of our aquifers.
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