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Default Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades restoration has been an ongoing projects for years and appears to remain a concern. Time, money, and cooperation between government agencies,agriculture and other business concerns are limiting factors.
Understanding the biodiversty of the everglades as a whole and controling water quantity and quality is just the beginning.

Here are several articles printed over several years documenting the span.

Conserving The Everglades: Less Is More
biodiversity and numbers

Everglades Phosphorus Limits On The Right Track, But More Is Needed

Everglades despite the construction of nearly 40,000 acres of storm water treatment areas to reduce the harmful effects of nutrient runoff from development and agriculture.

Sugarcane OK in standing water, helps protect Everglades

Studies have reported that reducing phosphorus will help restore the large expanses of native sawgrass in the Everglades that were replaced with cattails.

Everglades show improvement in water quality
improved water quality

Everglades restoration program making tangible progress after 10 years; challenges ahead to meet both water quality and quantity goals

"But, getting enough water to the right places at the right time and attaining water quality goals throughout the entire ecosystem is proving to be more difficult and expensive than originally anticipated. It will likely take several decades and a continued commitment to systemwide pollution management, storage, and water quality treatment

In The Keys The Biodiversity Of The Everglades

Much of the biodiversity of the Everglades is due to extreme seasonal shifts of flooding in the wet season and fires and drought during the dry season.
Several interdependent ecosystems -
mangrove swamps, sawgrass prairies, cypress swamps, pinelands, marine esturaries and hardwood hammocks -
make up the Everglades. Like all ecosysystems they shift, die or grow in repsonse to environmental factors.

Read more: About the Florida Everglades: Largest Wetlands System in the United States
"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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lnformation and pictures of Everglade communities.

Everglades Imagery: The Everglades: Communities: Sawgrass Prairie
The galleries are amazing!

This restoration plan has become a national issue as a number of groups have supported it and Congress has allocated money to start the restoration process. This plan is a milestone in conservation because it takes an ecosystem level approach rather than focusing specifically on one or two endangered species. Also, this is a flexible plan that has the ability to adapt to changing technologies and new science. Many of the proposed projects have never been done before and are completely theoretical. Monitoring and experiments will be conducted throughout, and as results become available, the plan is able to adapt to new ideas or change failing projects.
"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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Beautiful images on the site!
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It's a slow learning process as we humans try to fix the damage we've caused.
Sounds like they are making headway, slow but sure.
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everglades, florida

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