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Gloria 08-08-2017 11:17 PM

Ecological Society of America
Some light reading anyone?

Yes, you read that correctly... FREE ACCESS... to the entire issue. Click on any/every link... and read this issue themed on biodiversity and ecosystem services

Ecology - ESA & BES Joint Virtual Issue - Wiley Online Library


Pleased to announce free access to the 1st joint Ecological Society of America and British Ecological Society virtual issue, themed for | Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Happy reading!

Land sparing is crucial for urban ecosystem services
Iain Stott, Masashi Soga, Richard Inger, Kevin J Gaston

Environmental flows for natural, hybrid, and novel riverine ecosystems in a changing world
Mike Acreman, Angela H Arthington, Matthew J Colloff, Carol Couch, Neville D Crossman, Fiona Dyer, Ian Overton, Carmel A Pollino, Michael J Stewardson, William Young

Whales as marine ecosystem engineers
Joe Roman, James A Estes, Lyne Morissette, Craig Smith, Daniel Costa, James McCarthy, JB Nation, Stephen Nicol, Andrew Pershing, Victor Smetacek
etc, etc, etc...

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