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Default Bumbleculture at The Farm Between

I like John Hayden from The Farm Between and his idea of piling logs and planting which creates bumble bee habitat not just for nesting but also give the winter queens a safe haven. Bumbleculture a sort of play on hugelkultur.

The first couple of minutes talks about the insect diversity in mason bee houses.
Interesting and informative video.


This next video still speaking with John Haden talks about their pesticide free fruit farm. Pollinator habitat and using less perfect fruit for other products such as cider. Adjusting to crops rather than resorting to even organic pesticides. Admirable.



What you notice on this 14 acre farm is not just the prominently placed “Pesticide-Free Zone” sign, but the abundance of insect activity and the notable presence of many colorful strips of native wildflowers. Another interesting feature is their “Bumble Culture,” a pollinator-centric riff on Hugelkultur, a technique used in permaculture. (Stay tuned for an upcoming video on Bumble Culture at The Farm Between).
The Farm Between - Organic Nursery Jeffersonville, Vermont

Pollinator Sanctuary - The Farm Between

Finally this video is not the same farm but has a pollinator meadow in Vermont to discuss. Beneficial insects for successful farm management, surely this becoming more common if not mainstream.

"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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"Beneficial insects for successful farm management, surely this becoming more common if not mainstream."

The Xerces Society along with some universities have been vigorously promoting this concept. We've been to some of the Xerces Society's presentations on this and there is good evidence that it increases production and decreases cost (less pesticides). Two things that get the attention of farmers.

The Xerces Society has an Events page that lists upcoming presentations. They are definitely worth attending if one is in the area.
The Xerces Society event
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