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Gloria 05-20-2015 10:22 AM

The Sagebrush Sea tonight on PBS Nature
The Sagebrush Sea airs tonight 5/20 on PBS Nature at 8/7c. The full episode will then be available at PBS.org.

A review and trailer at link.

Review: The Sagebrush Sea – PBS Nature « ABA Blog


The main character, as it were, of The Sagebrush Sea, is the iconic Greater Sage-Grouse, and the documentary spends much of its time following that species, first a male holding a patch of ground on a lek and then a female struggling to bring chicks safely through their first few months of their life. It’s a conventional story, made unique by remarkable High-Definition cinematography and the stunning, if understated, background of gray-green sage between wind-worn ridges.


The supporting cast includes myriad mammals, reptiles, insects, and, of course, birds, that are also found there. Birders may appreciate the coverage given to such subtle species as Brewer’s Sparrows and Sage Thrashers, and the soundtrack is filled with the vibrant songs of those and other species alongside the deep percolations of displaying sage-grouse.

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