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Default Biodiversity "Perks"


Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, a tropical ecologist at the University of Würzburg's Biocenter,
and his colleagues studied coffee plants grown in traditional gardens,
plantations planted with conventional shade-loving plants,
and plantations with newer sun-tolerant, fungi-resistant strains of coffee plant.
In all three cultivation systems, the team found that when birds and bats had access to coffee plants, those plants put out about 10 percent more coffee cherries, the fruits that harbor coffee beans.
The researchers reported their results in Proceedings of the Royal Society B last week (February 5).
The team suggested that the birds and bats were benefitting the coffee harvest by preying on insect pests that would otherwise damage the coffee plants and reduce yields.
But they also found that when pollinators were allowed access to the coffee plants, cherries were about 7 percent heavier, which improves the quality of the coffee.
“So, the effects of pollination and pest control complement each other perfectly; both are important for higher yields,” Steffan-Dewenter said in a statement.
“Birds and bats provide more cherries; bees and other pollinators ensure better quality.”
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Somewhere here at WG there is a thread on bird friendly coffee. Let me see if I can find it.

Here it is:
Does your coffee support wintering warblers?

“Birds and bats provide more cherries; bees and other pollinators ensure better quality.”
What a nice biodiversity combo. And we can support it by being selective about what we "perk".
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biodiversity, perks

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