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Hi havalotta, oh yes, I read the blog, and I was quite happy to have read it as so many recommendations reaffirmed what I have also practiced. Now if I only had 'the style' & ability to design even one of those fantastic 'mosscapes' that the blog guy has posted. I think I shall re-read the page again, just for fun.

I did think tho, that the author shown 'swinging on the waterhose vine' in his moss-green attire, had some helpful ideas about watering the mossy areas, but I would have been most interested if he had explained permanent sprinkler installation & given some helpful hints in that area. But the picture was worth at least a thousand words!

Even tho my little moss plots here & there are doing well, if I could do it again, I'm pretty sure I would seek some type of 'rainwater sprinkler system'. Most moss thrives in high moisture situations, for example just now in January, we have had a good amount of moisture naturally & with the cool temps...moss is thriving right now. I just think improved moss growth is easier if you have plumbed in the sprinkler/misting aspect. Hand watering with stored rainwater is kina fun at first, but after thousands of gallons of hand watering...it can become somewhat neglected. Truly I thought the blog was very informative.

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I wonder if topping off an area with a fiber based carpet, then soil, then moss, would retain moisture any better.
Maybe an experiment in the making for your next area you tackle?
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Just took a look at the blog....very informative! I have lots of moss in the shady areas of my back yard. I always feel bad when I have to dig up areas to plant new things. I try to gently move the moss to another area. I've always been a fan of moss!
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moss, persist

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