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Gloria 08-31-2014 12:08 AM

Prairie video
In this video the first 15 minutes takes place in a prairie remnant where an interview with a researcher from the Chicago Botanic garden talks about prairie plant reproduction in both small and large prairies. The inbreeding that takes places in smaller prairies has been studied for over 10 years. Ideas about how to deal with this are discussed. Nice pictures.

Video: Prairie Flora: History and Future | Watch Prairie Yard & Garden Online | PIONEER - Channel 10/20 Video

Gloria 09-02-2014 04:18 PM

Imagine planting Echinacea angustifolia seedlings in 1996, then for over 17 years monitoring its growth and reproduction. Researcher from the Chicago Botanical Garden being interviewed says it took 7,8,9 years before flowering the first time. No wonder most people grow E. pallida or E.purpurea.

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