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Do NOT get depressed over this. More of us need to learn to “see” is all…. which is really hard when they never give us enough pieces of the puzzle at once. It’s why I keep commenting about how yesterday’s tinfoil is becoming today’s news. Look back to the unveiling of NYC’s sustainable development goals in 2004, News Archive - The Earth Institute - Columbia University. Now get a glimpse of their “blueprint” for success from 2006 and keep in mind Siemens surfaced as 1 of NYC’s “partners’, http://www.nyc.gov/html/oec/download..._nyc_final.pdf. They started up with the name calling…. everyone questioning what was really going on was labeled a conspiracy theorist in ’04 and again in ‘06. To me it all smacks of the same ole same ole…. catering to the multinational corporations that don’t even pay their fair share of taxes in our country instead of to over-taxed New Yorkers who are in desperate need of new sewage and wastewater treatment plants, A Gathering Storm - New York Wastewater Infrastructure in Crisis - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, “Sewage and wastewater treatment facilities in New York State are deteriorating. Almost all of New York's residents rely on these facilities to treat sewage and wastewater from our homes and businesses before they return it to our waterbodies.” I’d think dealing with the 27 BILLION gallons of untreated sewage getting dumped into New York Harbor every year would be a priority to anyone really interested in “sustainability” but what do I know. Check this out from The Moral Liberal, 'New York’s “Sustainability” Plan' and take the 3 or 4 minutes to read it as opposed to glossing over it because sustainability issues are coming to your community soon and…. at what cost to the environment, New York?s ?Sustainability? Plan: aka ?Agenda 21? - The Moral Liberal, "On January 26, 2012, I attended the final meeting in Batavia, NY for the Finger Lakes “Regional Sustainability Plan,” part of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s $10 million statewide program to have regional Planning Departments orchestrate “sustainability” plans described in NYSERDA’s “Cleaner, Greener Communities” Program. Following is my take on what is going on across New York State in regard to these extensive plans in the making.” And…. there’s an accompanying short little video that spells it out in layman’s terms that I woulda laughed at if it wasn’t playing out in my own community right now, Good luck to everyone in NYC…. they’re synchronizing with the UN and if Siemens and Siemens’ partner Aquascapes are any indicator of the caliber of other “partners” that will start crawling out of NYC’s antiquated sewers for their cut of the “green” action…. looks as if NYC’s “public servants” were as corrupt and morally bankrupt as Chicago’s “public servants were when they catered to their “stakeholders” and didn’t include us in the planning!!! Oh…. Siemens isn’t just “partnered” with NYC… they’re partnered with Chicago too, Sustainable cities: Siemens USA. This is why I think the more ordinary people like you and Jeff who wised up to all the sleight of hand going on getting involved in the planning of what’s going on at a local level…. the better. We needed that multi-million $ 4-lane road with turn lanes and bicycle lanes through our “business” district like we needed a hole in our heads.

Oopsie... I forgot the little video. You'll probably laugh at it but I didn't.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss

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Good video
"If gardening isn't a pleasure for you, chances are the work will merely give you a rotten disposition. If you'd rather be golfing or fishing, get a bumper sticker that says so, and forget gardening."
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