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clock Slippery Slide - Humanity’s growing Ecological Footprint

In 2002, leaders of the world’s governments, recognising the threat posed by the high rate of species declines, committed to significantly halting the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. Yet, a 2010 study by Dr Stuart Butchart and others in the journal Science shows that leaders have failed to deliver on these commitments and have instead overseen alarming declines.

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Kids are coming home the end of this week so I don’t have a lot of time to play with following the $$$ on this 1 but…. I picked up this so far, Global Footprint Network ? John Malcolm, “For instance, Gilding in his TED Talk, claims that humanity has exceeded Earth’s carrying capacity by 1.5 times – a number drawn from the “Global Footprint Network” funded by a myriad of corporate-financier funded foundations, not the least of which is Biotech GMO giant, Syngenta (2010 Annual Report, page 26 of the .pdf). A recent report published by investigative journalist Patrick Henningsen titled “Big Green Oil Money: WWF founded and run by Royal Dutch-Shell,” exposes how yet another denomination of the Church of Malthus is indeed funded by Wall Street and London. It should be noted that the WWF is linked directly to the “Global Footprint Network.” Syngenta>>>>? Good God…. they really are funding the Global Footprint Network. Maybe….. just maybe…. if we didn’t have so many foxes guarding public health and natural resource hen houses and maybe….. just maybe…. if we had politicians who served “we” the people not the multinationals and if we could somehow get them to stop the trillion dollar wars and the “mega-trillion dollar banker bailouts paid to the order of institutionalized degenerate gamblers”….. we’d have enough $$$ to right their ecological wrongs for the sake of public health. I’m thinking the article shoulda been titled, ‘Slippery Slide- Elites’ Growing Greed’.
While I now agree with the Global Footprint Network’s assessment that climate change is not and never was the problem, http://www.footprintnetwork.org/images/uploads/2010_Annual_Report.pdf, I don’t agree that the UN’s blueprint for “sustainable” development is the solution to the biodiversity crisis. They’re right about ecological assets being at the core of long-term wealth…. I’m just not for entrusting any resource management to the likes of GFN’s silent partners let alone the 90 “partners” they do list out because I’d rather the wealth stay with the people….where it belongs…. Instead of being legally transferred to the elite’s “chosen” via binding contracts, http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/partnerships_introduction/. Just seeing Agenda 21 Consulting listed as 1 of their "consultancies" sends shivers down my spine. The UN’s too busy finding new and creative ways to dip into humanity’s cookie jar to concern itself with being a good steward to the earth… or its people and evidently…. so is the Global Footprint Network, “We have signed new engagements in Brazil, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Peru, and built on existing work in Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America. At our Footprint Forum conference in Italy, we launched a region-wide approach to resource management for Mediterranean countries. We opened a new office in Geneva to strengthen our ties to Europe and Africa. And our 90-plus partners continue to bring the Footprint to new domains, from planning sustainable cities to creating low-Footprint investment mechanisms to developing high-impact public interest campaigns. The call to balance our ecological budget is growing. With your continued support, we can build on this momentum and drive the shift to a human economy that can thrive within the limits of nature.” I think we’ve gotten a good taste of “sustainable” cities based on the herding then stacking and packing that’s already gone on so the multinationals could get to their land unencumbered. It’s not exactly sustainable to humans or their lands because of all the trade-offs chosen for them but…. it sure does “sustain” the stockholders of the elite’s stakeholders.
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