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Default Enjoying the songs of diversity.

Loret T. Setters of Florida shared a link to "Songs of Insects" in an article about katydid eggs she took pictures of in her garden. I thought you might enjoy the article, http://www.beautifulwildlifegarden.com/k-k-k-katy.html

and the songs. Songs of Insects - Learn 20 Common Insect Songs

From the site I have learned that our gardens most common katydid is actually the anglewing and that the cicada making so much noise these days is probably the scissor grinder but that the dog day has recently made an appearance. I so remember the 17 years cidadas song. Listen to the many crickets and other insects to see if you recognize any from your gardens choir.
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Crickets, cicadas, and katydids....oh my... it's a chorus line!!! Neat site that songs of insects is!!! From my files.... I've got the calls of the mole cricket, Common Mole Crickets and their Calling Songs - Gryllotalpa pluvialis. I don't see those around me but.... I'm pretty sure I'm hearing them. And check this out.... I'm sure you're gonna recognize this "buzz" sound too.
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Well the cicadas are LOUD right now but that's their thing. I don't really mind them unless they drop down onto me and then I freak out! Katydids are everywhere in the field I don't mind them either.

The crickets we have here I do mind. They are silent, so a good thing right? However they can jump like an Olympic track and field contestant, higher I think! They really scare me when I come upon one, they like dark damp places, they are called cave crickets for good reason. When they jump (like 5 feet in the air) I scream and run away! They are harmless though but they like to come in houses and habitate bathrooms and laundry rooms and other damp places in the house. My daughter really hates them!
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diversity, enjoying, songs

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