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Default Bridge replacement,keeping the bat population.

Keep informed and speak up about concerns. It could make a difference. Read the story of old wooden bridges and bats. Bat diversity is known to be important to the ecosystem so retaining their population under the new bridge became a priority.


Bats are very helpful in the ecosystem. As they are the only mammal capable of sustained flight, they are important pollinators, seed dispersers and insectivores. They can eat over 600 insects each day! Perhaps the bats at the bridge are the reason we Topangans can sit by the creek on a summerís night and not get bitten by mosquitoes!
As I stand down at the creek, I wonder if our bats have suffered any from noise & traffic since the new bridge was constructed. Just how are they doing in their new condos?
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When we were kids we would watch for bats around our 3 25 ft pear trees, Nobody had the means to harvest the fruit at the top so as the fruit ripened it attracted insects.

While visiting Austin, Texas hundreds of bats flew out from under a bridge at Sunset.

A new span is going to be built over the Detroit river connecting Canada to Michigan, It's sorely needed and will divert traffic away from traveling through Downtown [Mostly trucks carrying auto parts]. Since the Canadians have a hand in this maybe it's already in the plans. It gives me a great reason to have some dialog with our DNR. Maybe the bats will only stay the summer but that's mosquito season.
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