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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
I just caught the video you had posted in March. Must have missed it.
What happens when a native bee meets a killer bee collecting nectar? Anything? or do they just move on to another flower?

Would that be the jar of honey we had spoke about.... To be used as a prize for one of the P.O.M. contests?
If so.... I'll discuss it with Sage and have her add it into one of her future contest lead in lines.
Bees regardless of type or origin are timid when foraging.

I'd promised a jar for an up coming P.O.M. Contest. July or August would be good months for that. And then a jar to everyone who let me use their photos for my book.
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Oh how very generous of you! Thank you!

I'll give Sage the A-OK to offer it into either the July or August contest as you've suggested so she can include it in her lead in lines for the month.
Could it be set on hold with you until we've a winner to send it direct to?
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