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Default Lakes: An Alien World Just Below The Surface

Lakes: An Alien World Just Below The Surface
Published by AmosTheCat
October 19, 2011, Category: Ecology

Lakes: An Alien World Just Below The Surface | Scienceray
excerpt from above:
The character of any lake is a reflection of the landscape surrounding it. These surroundings determine the lakes chemical content, nutrient levels and general health. The life the lake can support may change dramatically depending on events in the environment.

The most striking thing about lakes is that two lakes that are very close to each other can be very, very different. They might not look very different to us but to the creatures trying to make a living in their waters, their lake might be as different from their neighbours as another planet is to us
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Interesting. I never really though about them appearing the same but having....Different PH, lighting, temperatures, etc. which would create entirely different habitats for different critters.
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