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Default Japanese whale hunt curtailed due to environmentalist activism

"Japan will cut short this year’s annual whale hunt in the Antarctic Ocean after obstruction by an environmental group largely prevented its ships from killing whales, the government said Friday.

The Agriculture Ministry, which runs Japan’s widely criticized research whaling program, said harassment by the group, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, had kept its catch far below its annual target of whales. A spokesman for the ministry said on Friday that 170 minke whales and two fin whales had been caught this season, far below the annual targets of 850 minke and 50 fin.

The recall of Japan’s fleet is the first time that environmentalists have succeeded in cutting short the annual hunts, which Japan says are necessary for scientific research. Critics say the hunts are an effort to evade a global moratorium on commercial whaling."

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Cheers for the success of this group's efforts!
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Originally Posted by jack View Post
"...the annual targets of 850 minke and 50 fin.... which Japan says are necessary for scientific research."
So 900 Whales every year for scientific research!? They should try white mice some time.
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In a word : good.

Take your dirtying of the word science, and shove it where the sun don't shine. Please do not insult us with this sort of feeble minded double speak. You want the whales, *to eat*. Fine, we understand, you like eating whales. We get it.
We don't like it, but we get it.
But do not pat us on the head and ask us to look at the shiny thing. Your statements are insulting and should be treated as such.
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If you remember a while back a Whaling ship got into a ramming contest with the protesters. It brought the Hunters lots of bad publicity since the larger Whaling ship was perceived to be bullying the protesters in their smaller ship. The protester's strategy is interesting also,,They get with-in firing range of the Whaling boat and launch "Fat Bombs" The fat bombs contain butter, vegetable oil, and other rotten smelly and slippery ingredients making a mess on the boat. Most of the Somalia Pirates were fisherman that after the huge fishing trawlers harvested all the fish off the coast of Africa turned to kidnappers and killers, Too bad they allow these huge trawlers to kill so many marine animals when most fish for human consumption could be raised in fish farms.
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