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Thanks...I had gone up a ways (not too far) on a ladder and began having second thoughts. The tree guy would've like to leave it up even higher--but there is no way I'd get up that high...and if it fell it would surely hit the house. I had second thoughts and finally told him to take it down to the ground and I'd do my best to carve what was left into something--almost immediately I began to regret it and decided that I want to give my original idea a chance. Thanks to you and that article, I just called him back and told him to leave it as originally planned.

I mentioned that leaving it jagged would be better for me than a flush cut...but I'm not sure he'll be able to do that...oh well. I'd rather err on the side of a big snag than regret not having it there. $#!+! I really better be able to do this!
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