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snag2 Urgent (well, time sensitive anyway)

Anyway, the reason I was searching for this thread is that I have an opportunity to turn what will be left of a huge tree into a small, yet thick snag. Although I hate cutting down trees, this one *has to go*. It is much too close to the house, is damaging our roof, and sending suckers up all over the's hoping it hasn't reached the septic drainage field yet.

We are in the process of getting a new roof put on (seven days straight of rain did nothing to speed up the process). In addition to that, we are having this enormous tree cut down... unfortunately, my car decided to die on me during this same week...and while looking for a replacement, Jeff's car overheated and is now in the shop. ~sigh~ We are carless, but luckily have good friends who are helping us out a LOT (even lending us one of their vehicles for now). ...But, as so often happens with me, I digress.

...The final stage of the tree's removal is supposed to happen tomorrow (this was a 3-day process that spanned more than a weeks time). Originally, I'd asked the tree service guy to leave about 8-12 feet of the trunk standing so that I could carve it into a more attractive shape. (I've no experience carving and have never touched a chainsaw in my life--however, I do have an artistic background...I also have a mild fear of heights...maybe "mild +". I'd *LOVE* to carve this into something attractive that will benefit wildlife. The problem is I am not sure that I will be able to achieve the dream, and I may end up with an eyesore. The guy would have to cut it off at around 15 ft...or as flush to the ground as he can. I'm concerned that I can't be up that high--wielding a chainsaw no less.

My neighbor says that if the guy drops the tree, then I carve it on terra firma, he'll get his backhoe in to help me set it upright--once he gets it fixed. I'm so unsure what to do with this...any advice would be appreciated. I've got to let him know for sure by tomorrow this is kind of time sensitive.
I'd hate to lose an opportunity to create something beautiful and useful, but I'd also hate to have an eyesore that close to the house. (the height can't be any higher without risking it falling onto the house.
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