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Originally Posted by suunto View Post
Also, wood chips/shredded bark allowed to sit in a pile undisturbed for at least a couple of years eventually will turn into a very nice compost-like material.
I put it down pretty thickly in some areas...with hopes of a layer of rich soil before too long.

Growing up, we used the wood chips to line a path my dad "terraced out" on our steep hillside so he could access the lower lot for a garden--and use the hillside for a woodland garden and rock garden. We used shredded bark along the landscaping beds. Over the years, we had a THICK, rich layer of soil around the foundation planting. --Come to think of it, the blackgum seedlings grew thickly beneath the parent trees. They pulled up nicely for transplanting. I'm half-tempted to knock on the door of the house I grew up in and ask if I could take some seedlings (I'm guessing they still come up there).

I'm *really* hoping that they will drop off more. I told them I'd take whatever they had--"If the pile gets low, just dump on some more." Let's hope they do. For now, I'm assuming that this is the only load I'll get, so I gotta make the most of it. If I get more...and more...and more, I'll definitely try to leave a whole pile somewhere to decompose as you suggest. I'd love to have access to a pile of rich soil like that!
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